Cockroach Gel Killer
Cockroach Gel Killer
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Cockroach Gel Killer

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Uproot cockroach gel formula attracts roaches with the food and water they need. Starts killing both large and small roaches within a matter of hours. Professional strength insecticide that’s guaranteed to eliminate roaches fast and for good.

How it works:  "Kills roaches by its Nests"

  • Step 1

It attracts to cockroach towards it and the cockroach eats the gel.

  • Step 2

Once the cockroach eats the gel it gets infected.

  • Step 3

The infected cockroach goes to its nest and dies. Other cockroaches eat the dead cockroach.

  • Step 4

The other cockroach also get infected and they die, eliminating entire cockroach nest along with the eggs.


    • Gets to work immediately - lasts until the whole nest is eliminated
    • Eliminates all cockroaches in the nest first time round, and they will never return. 
    • Professional grade bait formula. 
    • Uses bitter taste technology to ensure full safety for family and pets
    • Easy application and storage. 

    • As a form fitting substance, the best used in cracks and crevices where roaches enter the home. Place baits throughout your home, so more roaches can find and eat the bait, resulting in a quicker and more thorough kill. To defend your home and family against roaches, use the built-in applicator to squeeze a small amount wherever roaches like to hide


    Package contents:

    2 x Uproot cockroach gel (10g)

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