Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard
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Wireless Keyboard

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Improve your typing experience with a Wireless keyboard
A wireless keyboard can provide a more comfortable and natural typing experience compared to the small and cramped keyboard on a phone. This can lead to improved accuracy and speed when typing emails, messages, or documents.
2-in-1 Portable PU Leather Wireless Keyboard Case Protective with Mobile  Phone Stand Holder Include Bluetooth Keyboard | Shopee Philippines
A wireless keyboard can make typing on a phone more convenient and efficient. With a larger keyboard, users can type more quickly and accurately, which can save time and reduce frustration when working on a phone.
Working on a phone for extended periods can cause eye strain and discomfort. With a wireless keyboard, users can work from a distance, reducing the strain on their eyes and making it easier to work for longer periods.
Dimension: Approx. 23 * 14 * 3cm / 0.9 * 0.6 * 0.1inch
Material: PU leather case, plastic keyboard
Package Included:
1 * Bluetooth-compatible keyboard
1 * Mobile phone holster
1 * Data cable

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